About Us

EXECUTIVE WEAR NY "Sophisticated Simple" is a New York City based cufflinks designer of Chinese Character cufflinks which include Double Happiness 囍 , Year of the "Dragon" , 龍, and "Good Fortune / Luck ", 福  cufflinks.  EWNY cufflinks are available for wholesale purchase, retail consignment and online purchase. 

Executive Wear New York "Sophisticated Simple" products aim to increase awareness of Eastern and Western cultures. We keep our designs simple, yet sophisticated. All items are for those seeking an image of "sophistication" when they appear at an event like a fundraiser, company function, in the office or wherever you are "simply" with family and friends.

We also believe in giving back to the community by donating our products to charitable events and also support fundraising efforts by donating a % of sales of our products back to the organization. Go to our "Giving Back" page more for information.